Service Design

Gluten-free travel, without the worry

Challenge: Design an innovative new product or service. This was my capstone project from
Northwestern University course MSC 530: Marketing Strategy, with Professor Rick Kolsky.

Methods Used: Service design, qualitative research, innovation, marketing strategy, journey mapping, customer experience design, storytelling.

My Contribution: I conceived, researched, and developed this project solo, under the guidance of my professor.

What I Learned: At the outset of this project, I had hypothesized that gluten-free eaters would be the primary target market. The research revealed that their loved ones are every bit as anxious – if not more so – about making sure they can help the gluten-free eater feel included and safe in dining activities. The loved ones were actually more willing to pay for a service to help them than the gluten-free eaters, who were often savvier at evaluating dining options and accustomed to fending for themselves (even if that meant satisficing for subpar options, packing their own food, or suffering social isolation).Minarik Venture Plan - FINAL_qualinsights

As a result, I designed an experience to delight both gluten-free eaters and the people who love them. My pitch deck imagined a couple using the service to plan a trouble-free honeymoon trip to Paris.

Minarik Venture Plan - FINAL_scenario